When It Goes… Well?

When I first had the idea of creating a blog about Tinder dates, I definitely knew some terrible, but hilarious stories were going to come out of it… but the first date I went on after deciding I would create this blog didn’t go as I expected.

I matched with John, a 24-year old college graduate who had just moved to Nashville for work and was trying to meet some new people. Based on his photos and bio, he definitely seemed like a stereotypical southern boy to me. Pictures from fishing trips, wearing a baseball cap in almost every picture, the works. Not gonna lie, I was sort of expecting a full-fledged redneck when we matched. After talking for a few days and determining that he probably wasn’t a creep… I enlisted my friend, Olivia, to chaperone our date just in case. The two of us went to Las Palma’s, a Mexican restaurant just outside of downtown Nashville. We grabbed dinner and double margaritas before John and one of his friends came to meet us for drinks.

After the first 5 minutes, I was already surprised to find out he wasn’t quite the southern hick I expected. He told me about his time in college as an industrial design major and his work designing parts for cars at his new job. He also let me bore him with my stories of sorority life and what not. The four of us had a pretty nice night if I do say so may self. There were no awkward lulls in conversation, in fact I can honestly say I had a lot of fun.

Near the end of our date, I noticed a few of my sorority sisters headed our way.

“Hey, what are you doing here? Is this a tinder date?” One of them joked.

“Actually yeah!” I responded. Poor John looked mortified as the two girls introduced themselves before leaving the restaurant. At this point I was fully accepting of the fact that this was probably going to happen to me a lot so I had no reason to be embarrassed. But I’ll admit, it was funny seeing the look on his face.

After going on the first date, I was like “Shit! Who is going to want to read a blog about a bunch of Tinder dates that went well?!” After this one, they all proceeded to be pretty terrible (to my relief…? I don’t know what I’m saying anymore), but I did learn that it is possible to have a good Tinder date. It just completely depends on the person and the situation as a whole. If you’re able to weave out all of the guys just looking for a hook-up, all of the ones that seem creepy, all of the weird ones, and all of the douche-y ones…. You’re probably going to be left with just 1 guy left; this one.

John and I continued to talk pretty regularly after this date. I even agreed to go on a second date. After that, somewhere along the way our schedules just had trouble matching up so we had a falling out, but sometimes that just happens and there’s not much anyone can do about it.

So “John”, if you’re reading this (which I know there’s a chance you might be) I really think you’re a great guy and I’m sorry things didn’t really work out. I hope we cross paths again one day.


5 thoughts on “When It Goes… Well?

  1. This is so cute. It’s funny that you say this because I had an OKC date that kind of ended the same way. We had an amazing connection but our schedules were so hectic that we were only seeing each other like 2x a month. I miss him and think about texting him sometimes but I know it’s just going to end the same.

    Right place at the wrong time?

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